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Brewed from our roots

Originally founded in Salt Lake City in 1884 on the banks of the Jordan River, Fisher Brewing is a testament to good beer in Utah (hint, it's not new). Started by Albert Fisher, a German immigrant, Fisher Brewing quickly grew, becoming attractive to large companies like Pabst, Lucky Lager, and Labatt. Fisher Brewing was bought out in the mid-1950's and was quickly absorbed into the bigger brands.
Over 50 years later Fisher Brewing Company has returned as an employee-owned, community-focused craft brewery.
An idea that began percolating on a river trip, four friends decided to bring back the family-owned business. Realizing that the trademarks for Fisher Brewing fell through the cracks of time the guys at Fisher were able to use the iconic imagery and branding, giving the brewery an approachable and vintage vibe.

We believe in supporting our community

Offering a rotating cast of local food trucks, free gathering space for nonprofits, and a welcoming space whether you're a fan of soccer, dogs, or just a casual beer with friends — we are solidly committed to our neighborhood in the Granary District of Salt Lake City.
Located on the East/West border of Salt Lake City we aim to be a place that anyone can walk into and feel comfortable. A manufacturing neighborhood, the Granary District is full of makers of all kinds. We wanted to pay homage to that long history with warm, simple design that we built by hand — after all, we’re makers too.
Count on new (affordable) brews every week, sweet gear, and friendly faces.

We believe in good beer

We keep our beer close so you won't find us in grocery or liquor stores. We sell fresh 16, 25, 32, and 64 oz crowlers and cans directly from our brewery tap room. We are always brewing up something new, so make sure to check back regularly for our latest releases!